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empat.sehat.lima.sempurna by TerraYochi empat.sehat.lima.sempurna by TerraYochi
:iconkaremelancholia: Inner Beauty Contest -> [link]

to put it simple ^^
the approachment which i used to visualize what i thought about inner beauty is that inner beauty isn't always related into psychological/mental self of a person...

what i thought about innner beauty right now,
is to maintain the pshycical beauty about things that work hard inside our body, yes, our organs...
i want to say that we should take care of our health, take care for our body, our organs, that we often forget that they're working hard for our sake... ^^
and most importantly we should take care of them by eating healty food and care about our digestion system...

in Indonesia, there's a phrase that every little child would know, phrases that parents and teachers taught us since we could remember...
that phrase is "Empat Sehat Lima Sempurna" (literally in english, 4 healthy 5 perfect), means:
our daily food should consist of rice(carbohidrate), vegetables(fiber), meat(protein), and fruit(fiber n vitamin), this is healthy, but to be perfect we add milk as the fitfh...

on on the picture we could see rice,vegetables soup, fish, tofu (or 'tahu' ) and fermented soy bean (known as 'tempe' ) as concerning plants, and fruits and a glass of milk...

by this contest, i hope every one will put more attention for taking care their health, to maintain their inner beauty (healthy organs inside), and share a phrase that every little child in indonesia would know about good food for being healthy and perfect...

thanks for reading my long explanation,
and enjoy~!
(and sorry for my bad english)
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K-Nashi Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007
ha ha, ngeliat gambar ini gw jd inget..kalo kita sbg anak kos dapet 3 sehat aja ud bersyukur..XD
irube Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
wuaah..tumben bikin vektor..
bagus loh, rapi dan warnanya bener2 sehat =D

aargh..saya kehabisan susu dan belum sempet beli T_T
TerraYochi Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
hehe, thx~ =D
tp baca conceptnya kepanjangan yah ^^;
Bnspyrd Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2007  Professional General Artist
:D This was a good idea, certainly made me smile. Good luck to you in the Inner Beauty Contest :)
TerraYochi Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007
thanks a lot ^^ glad u like it =D
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November 23, 2007
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